5 Useful Tips to Become a Muslim

5 Useful Tips to Become a Muslim

Being a blogger used to be cool. Whilst human beings first began running a blog back in the early 2000’s, it became very stylish for a person to say: “properly, I blog in my spare time.” blogging has modified plenty in view that then. Nowadays, running a blog can be a complete time business. And this is normally what most bloggers in the long run want.

But, being a Muslim blogger provides a further dynamic. A Muslim blogger can’t just blog approximately whatever, and has the akhirah in mind. It’s far very critical that a Muslim blogger make good use of their time. We’re all busy and feature a limited quantity of time to work on our blogs.

I’ve been blogging for approximately three years now. I’ve discovered lots about what it takes to emerge as a productive Muslim blogger. I’ve prepared this listing of hints you may use to improve your blogging performance. These guidelines are beneficial for many regions of life, not just blogging. Even if you’re not a Muslim blogger you’re certain to find something right here you could use insha’Allah.

1. Make clear Your Intentions
The very first hadith in Sahih Bukhari states:

“Verily actions are judged by using intentions.”

You need to ensure you’re running a blog for the proper reason (and not simply reputation!).

In case you don’t have a clear motive on your weblog, you’ll locate your self running a blog approximately the entirety from Palestine to pocketbooks. This can confuse and isolate your target audience, and not really offer benefit to all people. And without a clean route, chances are you’ll subsequently abandon your weblog.

2. Plan Your work and work Your Plan
Without correct planning and paintings behaviour, your blog will disappear into cyber-limbo.

Right here’s what I do: every week I go through my emails and comments. I search for trends that might probably hobby my audience and that I feel secure writing approximately. I really like to post two articles per week; one on Monday and one on Thursday. Consequently, I hold a deep properly of article thoughts. Further to having those ideas written down (on Evernote!) I also kind out a brief outline for each idea.

There is too many stuff a Muslim blogger has to deal with within the average week, and having a properly-deliberate running a blog system makes the whole lot loads less complicated.

3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
If you pay attention to all the net advertising specialists available, you’ll see that there are one million tweaks you could do which might be supposed to make your blog irresistible. But in case you try and enforce all of them, you’ll by no means get round to truly blogging. It’s high-quality to leave most of that stuff on my own. Too many bloggers fear an excessive amount of about layout, seo, and social media.

My advice: stay with the basics, mainly within the starting.

If you’re thinking about becoming a Muslim blogger, I wouldn’t suggest you design your blog. Simply get a respectable topic (they start around $30) and move from there. There are even lots of unfastened subject matters you may use that will get the activity can check here information about Islam.

As for search engine optimization, you only want to worry about three matters:

Making sure you select an awesome subject matter.
Making sure your keyword is within the identify, headline and description.
Making sure you write desirable stuff.
Marketing your website is every other topic and might take some time. But in case you put up articles regularly, have a decent weblog layout, and perform a little seo, a number of your advertising and marketing efforts are taken care of insha’Allah.

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