7 Steps On How You Can Use Your Planner Effectively

7 Steps On How You Can Use Your Planner Effectively


Planners can only be effective if you use them regularly and properly. If you want to be more organized, you will have to use the transcending waves planner. If you’re going to be more productive, you will have to make use of the tools available to you. Here are tips you can to help you use your daily planner effectively.

  1. Use one planner for everything

It’s easier for you to use a single planner for all your needs and tasks. You will get confused if you decide to use multiple planners. You can use different color pens if you want to differentiate personal tasks and business tasks.

  1. Always check your planner

Always check your planner and leave it somewhere you can easily locate it. You can place the planner on a table or a desk for easy access. Do not place it in a place where you will forget it. Make sure that you always carry your planner everywhere you go like you carry your phone or wallet.

  1. Have a daily planning session

Take 5-10 minutes every evening to check your next day’s tasks. Planning your next day’s task will help keep your mind refreshed on the things which you need to do the following day. When you plan, you will not forget your appointments or meetings easily.

  1. Marking off completed tasks

You should make a habit of marking off all the tasks which you have completed on a particular day. Marking off completed tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment which makes all the efforts worth it. If you lag behind you can easily go back finish the tasks which you had not completed and mark them off.

  1. Have a weekly planning session

You can choose any day of the week especially on Sundays to plan for the coming week. You can use this chance to plan for important things which you want to do. You can set aside time in your transcending waves planner to visit an old friend, finish ironing clothes, or weed your garden. You can also transfer important information which might have been sent in your phone to your planner.

  1. Use the monthly segment in the planner

Each planner has a monthly segment on the first page. You should note down all the essential dates which won’t change here. You can write down dates of anniversaries, holidays, birthdays and due dates for bills.

  1. Don’t get stressed about filling your planner

Most of the times the site of space in your planner might make you think of filling it. Don’t fill out your planner just for the sake of it as this will only make you lose interest in your planner. Instead, let your planner be a reflection of your life. Its normal for some pages to be filled up, and others will be empty.

When you follow the above tips, you will be able to use your planner effectively to plan your daily, weekly and monthly tasks.


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