Halik is Philippine Tv series

Halik is Philippine Tv series


The beginning
Halik follows the story of couples whose marriages are marred by temptation, discontentment, misunderstandings, and different dating problems.

This fictional teleserye follows the lives of two youth pals, Jacky Montefalco (Yen Santos) and Lino Bartolome (Jericho Rosales), bound collectively by way of loyalty for one another and a deep friendship with each other’s families, torn apart by using a vengeful guy after which thrust collectively with the aid of a cruel twist of fate, broken guarantees and betrayal.

MonteCorp, in the beginning Ybañez furnishings of Cebu, is a widely known furnishings organization founded by the Ybañez own family, Loida’s parents. The organization works with own family buddy and furniture fashion designer, Gustin Bartolome, whose current creations are gaining interest inside the marketplace. Whilst Mauro takes over the reins of Ybañez furnishings after his in-legal guidelines retire, he continues Agustin in his hire, due to his skills in furnishings layout.

Lino and Jade
Years later Lino falls in love with an formidable female, Jade Flores (Yam Concepcion) at the same time as his fixtures manufacturing unit and studio Dos Disenyos takes to the air. His designs are making waves, attracting the global and a more state-of-the-art market. Inside the verge of collapse of success, Lino is having problems at domestic. Pissed off with Lino caring for his prolonged family, Jade longs for a house of their personal, impartial from her in-legal guidelines and any extended family. Having them living in their residence irks Jade. This becomes a bone of contention among the couple.

Jacky and Ace
Meanwhile, Jacky marries Ace Corpuz (Sam Milby), the eldest son of her father’s enterprise accomplice. Jacky is very a good deal in love with him, in spite of her suspicions of his womanizing. Ace is a serial womanizer who’s glib sufficient to break out with his philandering.

The Affair
Through a merciless twist of destiny, Lino and Jacky’s lives collide yet again while their spouses, Jade and Ace, emerge as entangled in a scandalous affair. On the same time, Jacky’s mom dies from a supposedly self inflicted gunshot to her chest, which Jacky refuses to consider. In fact, Jacky’s suspicions aren’t a ways off while it is found out that Mauro did shoot Loida in a suit of rage, whilst Loida tells him she is subsequently leaving him. Mauro bribes the Coroner to fake the post-mortem consequences.

The Aftermath
The tale covers the ugly aftermath of the affair and its repercussions. As more secrets and scandals are exposed, the two betrayed spouses, Lino and Jacky, join forces to bring Mauro and his accomplices to justice, reckon with their respective spouses and try to near the painful chapters in their beyond. It is not easy, their efforts are fraught with sabotage and treachery.for more info you can check that pinoy1tv.

Cast and characters
Principal forged
Jericho Rosales as Catalino “Lino” Bartolome, furnishings fashion designer and proprietor/foremost of Dos Disenyos, Jade’s husband and Jacky’s formative years friend and ex-boyfriend.
Yen Santos as Jacqueline “Jacky” Montefalco-Corpuz, former leader running Officer, important shareholder and board member of MonteCorp, Ace’s wife and Mauro Montefalco’s stepdaughter; she is Lino’s childhood buddy and previous lady friend, and after resigning from MonteCorp, teams up with Dos Disenyos as its assignment supervisor.

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