How to get a pregnancy quickly

How to get a pregnancy quickly

S alud sexual. Calculating the fertile days for having sex and being controlled by the gynecologist when you want to have a child is essential for a good start and progress of pregnancy.

 Medications . Somedrugs affect fertility or interfere with fertility treatment medications; others can cause defects in the fetus and even abortions, so the doctor should be informed.

Sports . It is advisable to lower the rhythm of sport in pregnancy and exercise intensity, without abandoning it.

Positive attitude . Maintaining a balanced emotional state is essential. Optimism is part of this plan to get pregnant.

Many times this happens because they do not have adequate information. Sometimes also because of moral issues or religions that induce them to accept the situation or reject treatments. For economic problems, for not finding support in their family environment or in their partner, or simply because they prefer to hide it.

You can already find the book in the most important stores and bookstores. Also through the online purchase in both the paper and digital version of the book in Spanish and the digital versions of the book in Italian and English .

Two unforgettable moments are the day that was publicly born “I want to get pregnant now!”, In a beautiful act in Barcelona that featured the performance of Antonio Orozco, and the Sant Jordi of 2019, when I signed books at the entrance of the clinic Barcelona. Here you have two videos of these special days.

Summer has always seemed like the best time to get pregnant . Not only because of the date of birth of the baby, that doing accounts will be born in the spring, a good time with benign temperatures that benefit the development of the baby and the whole family to make a living outdoors, but also because the relaxation of which the couple enjoys during their holiday period favors the predisposition to get pregnant. you can check here infomation about Como quedar embarazada mas rapido.

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