Individual civil servants were arrested while recap of Togel

Individual civil servants were arrested while recap of Togel

SUNGAILIAT, – A civil servant in the Bangka regency with the initials PJ, Monday (11/3/2019) afternoon was arrested by Team II Opsnal Jatanras Ditreskrimum Polda Babel when he was gambling lottery gambling (dark photos).

The man who served in the BPKAD in Bangka Regency was arrested by police at his home in Jalan Cut Nyak Dien area, Parit Padang Village, Sungailiat.This PJ arrest began with information from the public on Friday (03/08/2019) which reported that there were civil servants who were dealers and lottery sellers in the area of ​​Jalan Cut Nyak Dien.

Armed with this information on Saturday (03/09/2019), Team II Opsnal Jatanras Ditreskrimum Babel Regional Police conducted an investigation and came to the area around Jalan Cut Nyak Dien. From the results of the police investigation targeting PJ as a suspected dealer and lottery seller.

On Monday (11/3/2019) at around 12.00 WIB, the police followed PJ from his office to go home to rest in his shop and at his home. Right at 1:00 p.m., the police immediately carried out a raid and found that PJ was taping a lottery number sheet. PJ was shocked abysmal and could not do much.

Police officers immediately contacted the local RT management to watch searches at PJ’s home and shop. From the results of the search, the police managed to find evidence in the form of a piece of paper ordered by lottery, a cellphone and a number of money suspected of being the result of a lottery transaction. The police also found a piece of lottery recipe paper in PJ’s storefront drawer.

To the police, PJ admitted that he had only run the illegal business for three months. Buyers can order directly or via SMS. Furthermore, he will install lottery on a lottery website affiliated in Singapore and Hong Kong. If someone wins, the money will be disbursed through a bank account owned by PJ.

PJ along with the evidence was immediately brought to the Bangka Belitung Regional Police Headquarters to be examined and asked for further information.

Head of Subdistrict III Jatanras Babel Regional Police AKBP Wahyudi with the permission of Dirreskrimum Kombes Budy Haryanto confirmed that his party had secured civil servants involved in the lottery gambling case.“We have secured the suspects and evidence, currently it is still in the process further,” AKBP Wahyudi said. (*)

The 36-year-old man was found carrying 102 grams of methamphetamine, which is ready to be distributed in the area of ​​Air Salemba Street, Pangkalpinang City. The arrests were carried out by a joint team, which consisted of the BNN of Pangkalpinang City, BNN Province of Bangka Belitung and Polda Babel officers.

This man with the initials A had previously been the target of the BNN’s operation, and had even been followed from the Kampak, Batu Belubang, Tanjung Gunung areas and finally caught on Jalan Air Salemba Pangkalpinang.The head of the BNN City of Pangkalpinang, AKBP Ichlas at a press conference on Tuesday (03/12/2019) said the man with the initials A was a drug can visit this site for more knowledge togel hongkong.

“From the hands of the perpetrators it was found 102 grams of methamphetamine narcotics, one cellphone, some money and one motorcycle unit,” said AKBP Ichlas.AKBP Ichlas added that the perpetrators were charged with article 114 subsidiary 112 with the threat of life sentences to death sentences.

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