Logitech Harmony Best guide: Your missing manual to the entertainment hub

Logitech Harmony Best guide: Your missing manual to the entertainment hub


Over the years, Logitech’s Harmony product became the go-to for those that wish to tie all of their varied front room devices along. It started with the Harmony remote, however has since swollen with the Harmony Hub – a front room nucleus not just for your TV and Blu-ray player, except for good home devices like thermostats, lights and a lot of.
In fact, recently you don’t even want an overseas, because the smartphone in your pocket will defy all of the management duties, whether or not that’s ever-changing the channel, dimming the lights, or turning down the PS4. harmony hub guide Harmony’s biggest profit is that it ties your amusement and good home devices along in one place. On the opposite hand, if it’s simply the good home you’re interested, we’d suggest trying within the direction of one thing like Samsung SmartThings or Vivint instead. you’ll scan a lot of in our greatest good home hubs roundup.

Harmony Hub

For dominant the sensible home, this is often the foremost essential piece of kit. The Hub prices $99.99 and connects wirelessly – i.e. you won’t have to be compelled to introduce Associate in Nursing coax like another sensible home hubs would have you ever do. the value doesn’t embody a distant, as you’ll be able to management everything victimisation your smartphone. If you are doing need a remote, Logitech includes a number of packages that embody a universal remote with the hub.
An important factor to notice regarding the hub is that its connections area unit restricted to Bluetooth, IR and Wi-Fi. therefore not Zigbee or Z-Wave management, sadly. Logitech accustomed have a tool known as the Harmony Hub Extender that served that purpose, however it had been out of print quite whereas agone.

The remotes

Logitech has a a few remotes that can be in use to control the astute home. The fewest basic is called the Harmoniousness Companion, which lacks a silver screen but has a few devoted smart home control buttons.
The Harmoniousness 950 and Harmoniousness Elite cost $249.99 and $299.99 severally and add a touch screen that lets you see and power your various regular and devices. The Elite also comes with a couple of IR mini-blasters, pregnant you can hide the hub out of sight and still power IR devices.

Pop smart button

Just because you’ve got your smartphone around most of the time, it doesn’t mean it’s continuously the foremost convenient thanks to management your good home devices – particularly if you’ve got others within the house. Logitech makes one thing known as a Pop button, a straightforward good home management button which will be place anyplace within the house.

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