A Moving Experience

A Moving Experience





I have discovered a cool condo! Alright, approve… so it’s not immaculate. Only a couple of bugs. I mean actually! First cost? An exterminator! Is it worth the money? All things considered, I can’t bear the cost of a more costly place, so a one-time (if you don’t mind money expense ought to be alright. Possibly only a jar of “Strike?”

I require an approach to move my stuff. Daddy, would i be able to acquire your truck? You don’t have one? Why not? Do you need one? I’ll enable you to select! All things considered, it was only a recommendation. No compelling reason to get angry! I figure I would be advised to call the truck rental spots. What do you mean… $200… PLUS mileage? Furthermore, Gas? What the hell!

While I’m on the telephone I’ll call the utility and telephone organizations. Indeed, I know I haven’t utilized your administrations previously. No, I don’t have a charge card; this is my ahead of all comers. You need what? A $100 store? For EACH? Blessed cow… do you individuals have a permit to take?

Daddy, I require $500 for moving costs! I utilized all my cash for the first and a months ago lease AND the harm store. All things considered, how was I to know this would have been so costly? Offer something? Dad… I NEED my TV!

Kid, this place is truly unfilled. Perhaps I should purchase a love seat and a seat. Nah… I have my bed. That’ll be adequate. I needn’t bother with a table; I’ll simply utilize this crate.

Tenants Insurance? I don’t think so! What do I need to protect?

Just got my first telephone call! I’d love to go to your gathering! Daddy, I require an auto. Since it’s too far to stroll to work, that is the reason. Umm, Daddy… there’s auto protection as well! Much obliged, Dad… you’re really great! What’s more, gas? I didn’t think so…

Time for supper. How about we look in these containers. Gracious, No! No dishes or container. No FOOD!

Uhhh, Mom?