Youngest 9/11 Victim’s Stuffed Peter Rabbit

Youngest 9/11 Victim’s Stuffed Peter Rabbit

At two and a half of years vintage, Christine Lee Hanson turned into the youngest of the 8 children who have been killed on 9/11, all passengers aboard the aircraft commandeered by terrorists. Christine’s life could be remembered through the show of her cherished Peter Rabbit, to be able to be mounted inside the Sept. 11 Museum’s Memorial Exhibition Thursday, June 11, after ultimate.

On 11th of September, 2001, Christine and her dad and mom, Peter and Sue Kim Hanson, left their residence in Groton, Mass. And boarded United Flight 175 at Logan Airport. The family changed into flying to l. A. To go to Sue Kim’s family, followed through a journey to Disneyland. The hijacked aircraft in no way reached its destination. Different children died on the identical flight whilst it crashed into the South Tower of the arena trade center.

Christine Lee Hanson (present of Lee and Eunice Hanson)

Christine turned into a bright, busy infant who loved taking journeys to the playground and supporting her father inside the lawn. An attentive caretaker of her toys, she favored a stuffed Peter Rabbit character from the traditional Beatrix Potter series. It turned into given to her by way of her grandmother, Eunice Hanson, in acknowledgement of Christine’s birth within the chinese language yr of the Rabbit. Peter Rabbit replaced Christine’s previously quality-loved plaything: a crimson Teletubby acquired in infancy that “went anywhere with her,” Eunice Hanson remembers.

In 2014, both of these loved keepsakes had been entrusted to the 9/11 Memorial Museum by way of her grandparents, Eunice and Lee Hanson. Two Winnie the Pooh stickers that Christine positioned on Peter Rabbit’s torso are still attached. “She placed stickers on everything she appreciated; I assume it was her mark of approval,” Eunice Hanson stated.

Protected inside the Hanson’s gift to the Museum became a picture of Christine celebrating her first birthday, with the word Peace incised at the picture body. “The Peace frame containing Christine’s picture, taken in a traditional Korean outfit, is maximum poignant,” stated Eunice Hanson. “That one word describes Christine’s mother and father, who had been loving people and believed in kindness. I may want to ask volumes of questions why this took place to them, given who they had been.”you can check that for more info about  how many were killed in 911

Through Jan Seidler Ramirez, leader Curator and vp of Collections

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